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Joe then meets Enrico Salvatore "Ratso" Rizzo (Dustin Hoffman), a street con man with a limp who takes from Joe by offering to introduce him to a known pimp (John Mc Giver).

After discovering that the man is actually an unhinged religious fanatic, Joe flees the encounter in pursuit of Ratso.

It is believed that Kremlin does not want to glorify revolution to avoid any risk of an uprising against the government.

Throughout the Soviet era, anniversaries of the revolution were marked with a public holiday which included pomp and military parades on Moscow's Red Square.

Kott responded to the critique by bizarrely claiming there is no longer any Antisemitism in modern Russia.

'In Russia, there is no Antisemitism anymore, he told Times of Israel.'Half of the Jews immigrated and the anti-Semitism that existed in the Soviet times doesn't exist at all now.' The 100th anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution took place earlier this month, but Russian authorities were reluctant to celebrate.

It also claims that Trotsky was the man behind much of the brutality of the revolution, and the man who ordered the execution of the Russian royal family.

'You can say that Trotsky wrote the music, and Lenin sang to it. Under his orders, entire villages were burned down.'These aspect of the TV series has been criticised as historically inaccurate, and has seen the show accused of Antisemitism.

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Ratso offers to share the apartment in which he is squatting in a condemned building.

The armed uprising began on October 25, 1917 - which is November 7 according to the modern-day Gregorian calendar - after a shot was fired at the Winter Palace by the Aurora cruiser ship.

But many Russians are barely aware of the anniversary, commentators said, with a report commissioned by the Communist Party finding that 58 percent of Russians had no idea it was coming up.

Under Putin, November 7 became a regular working day in 2005.

This year there was again a parade on the square, but the event was to mark the 76th anniversary of a parade during World War II, rather than the centenary of the revolution.The 52-year-old then noted: "Mine is on there, but mine is actually more extreme than that.