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“Of, if there were, no one took note of them,” he he said.— The 2.3 magnitude measured here on Sunday is a fairly small tremor.

According to newspaper records, that’s a little more than double the effect of an average construction site blast, and slightly bigger than the explosion of a conventional bomb used during World War II.

“We catch underground sellers every week on online broker sites like Greenfield Puppies, Lancaster Puppies and Sunnyside Puppies.” In the first bust last week, repeat offender Barbara Dienner - who was issued 60 dog law citations in the past three years - is facing another string of kennel charges - and PSPCA officials say - likely cruelty charges.

In the second case, an individual identified by state officials as Merv King will be charged with kennel violations.

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In the first case, the Pennsylvania SPCA raided the home of a hoarder in Lititz who was housing 62 adult dog and puppies in every available enclosed space on her property, including Amish buggies.There are 2,307 licensed kennels in Pennsylvania subject to state oversight, including twice-annual inspections and the possibility of citations, civil penalties for violations to the dog law which establishes that dogs shall be housed in safe, humane and clean conditions.