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28-Jul-2017 07:44

That hand would result in Italian Luca Cainelli’s departure in fifth, and at the same time cripple Negreanu.

Cainelli moved in with aces, Negreanu with two pairs, but Hruby topped them both with a straight.

It’s worth paying tribute to Hruby’s performance before the fate of the runner-up is forgotten in favour of the winner.

At one stage Hruby had been reduced to just six big blinds, but mounted a remarkable comeback.

Eiler’s success came at the expense of another Team Poker Stars Pro, Martin Hruby.

The Czech Pro, who faced Eiler heads-up, so nearly won his first major title tonight, but was unable to prevent the German stealing the advantage Hruby had won in a sensational three-way all in hand that had changed the course of the tournament a few hours earlier.

At the time, however, it felt like the right thing to do.

The entire table was extremely loose, and I can’t remember any hand that got to me in late position unopened.

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Our thanks to our foreign blogging colleagues, working in German, Dutch and Greek, but not necessarily in the language in which they were supposed to write.In between hands there was a ton of great table talk, though.I told Rick that I love movie stars, I confessed to Daniel that I would snap marry Bono (that was before I got married, obv), and I called my fiancé an unemployed bum (by accident, though, I swear). I have received some criticism for playing too tight, and I certainly can’t disagree with this sentiment.Heads-up though, despite his two-to-one lead, he was unable to stop Eiler.

Now the short stack, Hruby called all-in with deuces against Eiler’s ace-ten of diamonds, only for the German to flop the nuts. Final result: 1st – Michael Eiler, Germany, Poker Stars qualifier, €700,000 2nd – Martin Hruby, Czech Republic, Team Poker Stars Pro, €470,000 3rd – Konstantinos Nanos, Greece, Poker Stars qualifier, €265,000 4th – Daniel Negreanu, Canada, Team Poker Stars Pro, €175,000 5th – Luca Cainelli, Italy, €140,000 6th – Andreas Wiese, Germany, €105,000 7th – Matthias Lotze, Germany, Poker Stars qualifier, €76,000 8th – Bruno Launais, France, €60,000 Catch up on all the action from today, the eliminations, double-ups and what could have been, at the links below.Thanks to my husband for all the emotional support.

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