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10-Sep-2017 01:36

Get this: he made me delete it one month after it was posted, due to apparent pressure from Axe's owner Unilever. Ben Smith also questioned other posts I did knocking major advertisers' ads (he kept repeating the phrase "punching down"), including the pathetically pandering, irresponsible Nike "Fat Boy" commercial.I of course understand that websites like Buzz Feed need lots of advertising dollars to operate, and that no media outlets—including the one you're reading this on—are immune to advertiser pressure.In fact, if you glance at his page, you'll see any number of unflattering posts about businesses, some advertisers and some not (and I'm not always in the loop on which is which); in both cases, I took the angry calls and emails and usually didn't tell him about them, which is what I think an editor is supposed to do.(Five from a very quick scan — i'm sure you could find more: Also, here's the email I sent Mark on September 4 about that Axe post, which I think is pretty clear: "Have been thinking a bit about tone, and we need to talk.I absorb a great deal of heat from targets of stories that we write, from Beyonce's publicist to politicians to businesses, and I've just realized the stuff I am least able to defend is, occasionally, yours.

I also understand—very clearly—the job I was hired to do because I invented it.

Both copies had CUTE stickers affixed to the first page. I know for a fact that there are more appropriate varieties of sticky notes in the Buzz Feed office supply cabinet that do not have "CUTE" printed on them, including white ones with a ghosted red Buzz Feed logo.

A 53-year-old man, Buzz Feed's oldest ever employee, jobless and without health insurance? Not as CUTE: Making your advertising critic disappear posts that criticize the advertisements of big advertisers, which Ben Smith did to me on at least one ocassion.

Buzz Feed has a "no haters" hiring policy and an overweening desire to draw big-name advertisers into its "community" of users, in exchange for money. (Those followers were probably the main reason I was hired.) Copyranter with fewer "fucks," basically. During my 18 months there, I worked seven days a week, 11 or 12-hour days, Monday through Friday, and somewhere around five hours a day on the weekends.

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Which makes ranting about ads professionally for the site a complicated endeavor. So I took a ,000 annual pay cut to leave my small New York City ad agency, where I had worked as a copywriter for 20 straight years, to come to work for Ben Smith and Buzz Feed. I liked Ben Smith, and liked what I had read about Buzz Feed's growth, potential, and future. I don't really understand what "creative differences" means, as I did exactly what I was hired to do for Buzz Feed.Sometimes I invited particularly sad trolls to come to the Buzz Feed office and give me their personal insults face-to-face over coffee (none ever came). I'm sorry, but I call that "journalism."What can I say, I hate untidiness.

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