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11-May-2018 08:27

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Compared to Bangkok, at the moat junction, where you’ll have trouble walking down the street without being distracted by ‘Helloooo, welcome’.If you cross over to the inside (old town) you’ll find another cluster as you walk towards Can you take bar girls back to your hotel?It can get cheaper for short time sessions or freelancing street girls but, as a tourist, you’ll probably not want to risk an unsatisfactory experience.Obviously, you get cheap and nasty girls and you get expensive and sexy girls, and the less they are being paid, the less likely they are to give you a really good time – don’t expect to bargain hard and still get a smile on her face.Indeed, many foreigners end up with bargirl girlfriends here.But if you experience several girls you’ll soon realise there are some real sweeties who don’t deserve to be working bars (some might have only been doing this a few months) and some really jaded cows who don’t enjoy a single moment with you and are only interested in getting the money.If you’re new or have been starved, the chances are you’ll find all girls sexy and fun.

This is essential since it could mean the difference between a fantastic evening or a disappointing experience.Thai bar girls in Chiang Mai are experts at making you feel like a king; they’ll flirt with you, pour your drink, rub your leg, occasionally touch you in excitable places and try their best to get hired.And the bargirls in Chiang Mai aren’t too jaded, rough or rude.As long as you have a fat wallet they’ll treat you as desirable, no matter who you are, and the more flush you look the harder they tend to try.

From a different perspective, it can all seem quite sad and desperate, especially if there are many more girls than tourists.

The best place to meet these girls is on Then you have to negotiate with the girls.