Consolidating library external hard drive 7 steps dating mastery

22-Mar-2018 14:33

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A good use of this function would be if you needed to send your media to be color graded, or if you needed to send your content to After Effects.*For archival purposes, make sure you keep both the library and the media folder it's referencing.

consolidating library external hard drive-7

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Go ahead and rename the event to match the content that you plan on importing.However, you can change that from this dialogue box.In this example, I'll set the storage location for my library to a folder on an external drive.If you have additional hard drive storage, I do not recommend that you store your media on your internal system drive.

This is because your internal drive will eventually fill up with media, and you will still need a place to store or archive your content.There is a new feature in Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 now gives you the ability to ingest or consolidate media to a folder outside of the library package.