Dating him again

07-Oct-2017 16:50

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No wonder Lionel Richie's scared to death over Scott dating his teenage daughter.For many of us, Thanksgiving kicks off a season of celebration which doesn’t really seem to stop until sometime in January.I met him in my last year at college, predictably at the senior's ball. We met in Covent Garden, a tragic London tourist spot for those with no imagination.

I was nervous so I babbled to fill the lulls in the conversation. I was determined to make "us" into something more than what we had been. We spoke once more on the phone and then about 6 months later I saw him at a party. My periods stopped due to stress and I ended up at the doctors, filled with anxiety. One of blurry nights and protestations and 'I tried to say no' and fear and then, the ridiculousness of it all, because who goes on dates with their rapist?

Instead, Khloe characterized it this way: "He's screaming at the top of his lungs. ' And I'm like, ‘Next time I won't,' and he's like, ‘There's gonna be a next time?!

'" Of course there's going to be a next time, Scott. Just because Scott decided to go on an extremely public bender this summer that landed him in the hospital with liver disease doesn't mean that Kourtney has to go into hibernation.

Anyway, this phone call that Kourtney made ended up being moot.

"But the photos never ended up coming out in the end so it was pretty much all for nothing." Scott does not sound pleasant. As unpleasant as Scott's end of the conversation is, seemingly filled with f-bombs, Kourtney seems to take in good humor.

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