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08-Jun-2018 11:25

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It is a fine balance, and probably the pat that men struggle with the most. Men tend to let the online interaction drift , and consequently they end up NOT meeting up with the woman.

You obviously don’t want to suggest meeting up straight away, however, leave it too long and she will get too used to the notion that you’re just another online buddy she can talk to .

It is much easier to work on building relationships when you have insight in to the female way of thinking.

I also found your advice on body language observation and control useful and have been working on the way I display my body language.

STOP WASTING TIME AND START GETTING INSTANT RESULTS FROM ONLINE DATING For more information about the ‘ONLINE DATING SUCCESS FOR MEN’ e-book, which has helped THOUSANDS of men get the women they desire..follow THIS LINK “After much time doing role play, it all finally clicked, during role play she constantly corrected all I was doing that was weak and unattractive, In the end I managed to destroy the bitch shield she purposely put up (as I asked for this) but more importantly, she broke it down step by step and made me realise that ANY woman no matter how tough/shy/nervous she is, can be yours!

” Rhys“Hiya Kezia, Thanks for the private PUA training session.

If that’s what you want, you should continue reading…​I could lie to you by saying that I have always been bad when it comes to picking up girls on Facebook, but I wasn’t.

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Here are a few tips to get you started: TIP 1: Make sure your profile page describes your passion and reasons for your choice in work or what your hobbies are.The ebook ‘Online dating success for men’ will show you a multitude of ways to secure a date with women that you connect with online.THIS EBOOK WILL CHANGE YOUR CURRENT LEVEL OF ONLINE DATING SUCCESS, AND TAKE IT TO A WHOLE NEW CHAPTER.Here’s what people are saying who have the book: “ I never even have to leave my house to pick up girls anymore.

I just shoot out a few powerfully constructed messages to the women I want to date or sleep with,and within a few days, I’m meeting them in restaurant or bar and eventually sleeping with them.

I spent a fortune on dating coaches and online experts, and it really was a case of throwing too much money on a problem which was solved just buy getting myself this ebook.

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