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The lad was well-mannered without being obsequious and he was sufficiently capable of mischief not to be a complete goody-goody. Meanwhile his hand was busy with his young cock, which for some reason seemed to be very encouraged by the idea of its owner’s bottom getting closely acquainted with a cane. Cheating is a very serious offence, and I’ve decided that it merits at least twelve strokes. I’m going to make an allowance for the fact that this will be your first time. This thrashing is meant to be punishment for your almost unforgivably stupid and destructive act of cheating on a test, and I hope to teach you a lesson that you will never forget. Noah’s anxiety level rose again at being reminded of why he was bare-bottomed, face down over the arm of a chesterfield sofa. I will give you one, and only one, free pass, since you’ve never felt the effect of the cane before and will probably be surprised by it, even if forewarned.

He was small for his age, but his slim, wiry frame was proportionate and athletic, and his big, lustrous eyes under dark brows were spectacular. Laughton’s protective interest which promised to fill a hole in the boy’s existence. Just before giving in to the sweet pulsing pleasure, in those delirious moments of ecstasy just before he’d shoot a sticky load into a used t-shirt, Noah was actually relishing the thought of his upcoming thrashing. I don’t doubt that you’ll find the twelve strokes painful enough, and I sincerely hope that you’ll learn something from them. He could hardly believe it but he knew what he was waiting . This, my boy, will quite possibly be the most painful event in your life yet. His young cock was having a hard time deciding on how it felt about the whole thing. Other than that, I expect you to be still and accept you punishment.

They never met outside class, save a few words in the corridor or schoolyard now and then. Also, I think it’s proper that a punished boy should feel the sting in his bottom for a while without too much to help take his mind off it. Without a doubt, the boy was terrified and there was no need to encourage him to give in to his anxiety by reminding him of the easy way out. This accomplished, thinking about having just taken precautions not to have an accident while being beaten made him feel slightly surreal. Remember that it’s supposed to hurt and hurt a lot. And wasn’t the thrashing he was going to get exactly what he deserved? Slowly and hesitantly, his heart beating rapidly, the lad shuffled his feet apart as far as his bunched-up jeans would let him, then he arched his lower back and stuck his slim but nicely rounded buttocks in the air. Trembling with fear, he pushed his bottom further up and out and slowly managed to relax his nervously quivering buttocks.

And it was such a disgracefully dishonest thing to do. As a result he’d been failed, not only on the exam, but he’d been failed for the entire course. They both stood like that for few seconds until the boy abruptly let go and left, hurrying down the steps and walking away with rapid strides without looking back. He had often wished that he could, but there were regulations and he had never had the opportunity. He was taking in the lad’s submissiveness, the enthusiastic state of his young cock and the very alluring sight of his pert, round arse, bare and creamy white, waiting for the whippy rod to paint intensely painful stripes across its smooth and flawless surface.Noah’s Choice Noah was walking with slow, uneasy strides. * The elderly teacher lived alone and had done so for several years. Sadly, he and his late wife had never had children of their own. I can see the fairness of making you redo the course. There used to be a swift and eminently efficient way of dealing with badly behaved boys who needed a sharp lesson, but nowadays the law has robbed the school system of the one really effective sanction that it had. The older man was nothing but kind and helpful, assisting the boy in every way he possibly could, and there was no way Noah could mistake the warmth and fondness that was apparent in his treatment of him. Again to his complete horror, he felt blood pumping hotly into his dick and in no time he was rock hard. Just now, he’d been appalled by the mere thought of it, and in a way he still was . Now, suddenly, this boy was offering him something he’d fantasized about but never thought would happen in real life. Still blushing and with eyes downcast, he started to unbuckle his belt. That, of course, wasn’t primarily why he would be doing it; the lad had behaved very badly and truly needed a lesson. He’d already made his mum cry, and now he was going to face Mr. Over several years, Noah had become increasingly fond of and ultimately deeply attached to one of his teachers. Laughton, and he had become an authority figure and the most important male influence in Noah’s life. I thought you had a greater sense of honesty and decency than that. Tell me, what will be the consequences of this deplorable stunt of yours? For most students it’s nothing more than a slap on the wrist or even a reward, like a holiday, and on top of that it is counterproductive for all parties! Surprisingly, he managed to think less and less about it. Laughton was really going to go through with thrashing him. He had also feared that it might invite refusal and maybe even suspicions of inappropriateness. There was no denying it: beating the young man before him was going to be a sublime pleasure. The sixteen-year-old lad felt another hot wave of shame wash over him. How could he have thought that he’d get away with it? He patted it gently, again resisting the temptation to slide his hands further down until they found the alluring curves of the boy’s rump. There was no doubt that, despite himself, he was hoping for Mr. He realized with a sudden clarity that he would be very disappointed if it didn’t happen. Laughton a couple of times and then he whispered his timid question. Laughton wasn’t sure that he had heard the boy correctly: The former teacher had never caned a boy on his bare bottom. Blushing hotly, he realized that he still wanted those eyes on him and was hoping for them to like what they saw. Noah blushed a shade deeper, then he turned towards the sofa and slowly leaned forward, carefully placing himself with his bare arse pointing upwards, his excitement rising as he wriggled into position, trying to present his bottom properly for the cane. Laughton had to acknowledge his immense pleasure at seeing the handsome, slender boy meekly getting into position for a thrashing.

They had tried for many years, but the one time Sarah – his then forty-year-old wife – got pregnant, the child was stillborn. Laughton had remained single, seeking meaning in his teaching and never making a serious effort to find another woman. I know I really screwed up, sir, I know, and I don’t understand how . The thought that the same man who treated him with such obvious affection was intent on whipping him hard across his backside in order to inflict severe pain, felt somehow unreal. Suddenly the thought hit him, the fantasy that he had played with during his nightly wanking sessions, the question that had been on his mind but that he had avoided asking himself seriously so far: Will I be bare-arsed for the thrashing? Mortified and bewildered by his paradoxical excitement at the thought of making that ultimate gesture of submission: bending over and offering his bare bottom to another man, the boy started walking towards his first encounter with the cane. He hesitated for a fraction of a second before deciding, but there was no way he’d say no. However, the older man decided that he wasn’t going to feel too guilty about enjoying himself while teaching the lad that well-earned lesson. Laughton thought for a moment, quickly deliberating with himself about whether to be honest and admit to being affected himself by the situation.The trauma was too much, too hard to bear for his wife, who continued grieving for the lost child, finally lapsing into a deep depression. Laughton’s refusal to let go of her grief had ultimately and tragically ended in her committing suicide, leaving Mr. Noah had been a skinny little wisp of a twelve-year-old when he first met the tall, grey-haired and rather stern-looking man who was to be his maths teacher. Laughton was only one year shy of retirement when he found Noah in his maths class, and for some reason the two connected almost immediately, sharing a strong mutual sense of sympathy. By the end of the week, while occupied with his studies, he almost managed to forget that he was due a caning. How would it feel to bend over and offer his backside to be disciplined? He was so tense that he was trembling when he stepped into the Living room. Laughton said, almost kindly, on seeing the boy on the threshold. Laughton had seen many boys sporting eager stiffies before a caning or slippering; even after, although that was slightly less common since the pain – particularly of a caning – usually took care of an erection. Then he thought better of it; the boy might very well find it creepy.

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