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16-Jun-2018 07:56

'Our best advice to those seeking love and romance in Thailand is not to confuse it with the sex industry but you have to allow for human nature.

Recent years in Thailand have seen Thai governments become more ambitious about tackling poverty, while there have also been calls from some quarters of Thai society to curb or limit the footprint of the sex industry particularly in Bangkok.

The scale and extent of the industry is partly due to the role it plays offering the chronically poor in Thai society an opportunity to survive or indeed to progress.

Thailand is a nation which does not have the social supports that many from western societies take for granted.

There is no doubt that Thailand, Bangkok and in particular resorts like Pattaya have become sex tourist destinations.

'In Bangkok or Pattaya you can buy sex with a prostitute for as little as , the beer is cheap and it's sunny, it's an irresistible attraction for some foreigners, I know it's immoral but for many people, that doesn't matter anymore, that's it.' No matter that there are increasing efforts by authorities in Bangkok to clean up the sex trade, which Thai government policies are beginning to target poverty in rural areas which is the root of the problem or that Pattaya is also a beautiful destination with superb golf facilities that would stand on its own without the sex for sale label.

The same TV documentary also features a young Thai girl working in a Bangkok sex bar who avoids sex with foreign customers because she is waiting for her foreign boyfriend to get her a visa to live the United Kingdom.