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When we think of the benefits of immigration, a distinction needs to be made between culture in the general sense and political culture spe- continued on p.12 Handmade? 1007-A WEST ANDERSON LN (NEXT TO DISCOUNT ELECTRONICS) m 454-ERG0(3746) MON-SAT 10-6 -«r.l SALE EXCLUDES SIT/STAND COMBO 10 I the Austin chronicle I august 24 , 2007 I Take Travel Further • Personalized Travel Advice • Specially Priced Student Airfare • Trips & Accommodations • Travel Insurance • Discount ID Cards • International Rail Passes • Online Visa Applications • Foreign Currency Exchange • International Cell Phones • Student Travel Loans 1 OFF YOUR TRAVEL ' I 1 Coupon redeemable at Austin location only. The only good thing is there's more of us than there is of them. Sport model only Starting at "Editors' Most Wanted SUV Under ,000" - With unprecedented spaciousness, safety and style, the all-new CX-9 brings cross-over fun to the family vehicle. Because of you, we have a new air conditioning system on the way to keep all the shelter cats and dogs cool and oh-so-comfortable!!!

Let's hope there are enough of us to keep this from happening! Leashed Dear Editor, This is the second Sunday I have taken my dogs to the “off-leash” part of the hike-and-bike trail only to be verbally assaulted by a jerk on a mountain bike. Forget the days of the boxy, lumbering SUV - the CX-9 has a head-turning sleek exterior. ON SELECT TERMS & MODELS “BASED ON FRONTAL AND/OR SIDE AND/OR ROLLOVER RATINGS FOUND AT You and other animal lovers across Texas helped turn a crisis into a cause for celebration because you love animals so much. Stop by, have some ice cream, and celebrate our cool shelter.

10] with a deep sense of outrage, which, to my surprise, quick- ly turned from outrage at Mexican authorities and the U. Embassy’s feeble reaction to outrage against those who believe that the cur- rent unsustainable migration of Mexicans into the United States is just fine. We were GREEN before it was cool, (24/7) FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY ERGO CHRIRS PLUS AUSTIN’S ONLY TRUE ERGONOMIC STORE SALES TAX RELIEF WE WILL PAY YOUR TAXES AUG 23-31 MOST OF OUR VENDORS ARE GREEN CERTIFIED. 8-31-07 50% OFF VACCINATIONS & HEARTWORM TESTS FOR DOGS NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. 8-31-07 50% OFF VACCINATIONS FOR CATS NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. 8-31-07 50% OFF ROUTINE SPAYS AND NEUTERS FOR DOGS AND CATS ONLY NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. 8-31-07 h mm WELLS BRANCH Pet & Bird Clinic 12202 N. IRAQ IS A DISASTER AND I MIGHT AS WELL BE USING THE CONSTITU- tion FOR TOILET PAPER— --AND THESE IDIOTS ON TV ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT HOW LIKABLE I AM? AND A MA- JOR HT of AMERICANS BELIEVE THIS COUNTRY IS ON THE WRONG PATH! To guard against it, at a very minimum, Mexican immigrants must be required to be proficient in English as a con- dition for legal status, citizenship, and voting. Plenty e* Free Parking Kncwledgable Staff Delivery Available Austin owned and Operated 1 £1% Disenunl for Sludenls St Fatally larg* Farmjf f’nnder Strike Sr flcnlal |*1 IKW-fir W TX 74? You’ll decide which you like best, too, plus you’ll have the chance to eat some lunch, shop for chile-pepper memorabilia, listen to some music (from Hydmen & Anthropos. Free, with donation of cash or three nonperishable food items to CAFB.

I am a strong, liberal Democrat who’s lived in Mexico 15 years and has close Mexican friends, so what’s up with this? STOP WASTING MONEY IN BIG BOX OFFICE SUPPLY STORES. Austin, TX 78705 512-472-2900 THE STUDENT EXPERIENCE m * FREE PET EXAM NOT REDEEMABLE FOR CASH. Mopac 339-8472 SOUTH BRANCH Pet & Bird Clinic 403 E. and lam Out Hearts for the Arts Blood Drive Saturday, August 25, 2007 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. Lamar, Austin, TX • Free t-shirts for everyone • KGSR CD samplers for the first 150 donors • Register to win a San Antonio getaway package THE BLOOD CENTER OF CENTRAL TEUS Life Is in vciut hand *. 200r The Blood Center of Central Texas and KGSR 107.1 want to see you at Aushr Vs Largest eead Store 2058 a. BEAD I AUGUST 24, 2007 I THE AUSTIN CHRONICLE I 11 THIS MMIRM WORD IN iq*q, A GROUP OF RADICALS MATCHED A SECRET PLAN ...* OKAY, DIG IT.' WE'LL INFILTRATE THE G. P.— AND SCREW THINGS UP So BADLY, CONSERVATISM IT- SELF WILL BE DISCREDITED For GENERATIONS! AND AFTER MANY LONG DECADES, ONE WEARY WARRIOR DECIDED TO PACK IT IN. Political culture is learned through the language in which it is lived daily. Thank you for bringing into full view the murder of Brad Will and my most sincere condolences to Brad’s family. Eisner Slide Toward Totalitarianism Dear Editor, Well, the slide toward totalitarianism con- tinues. M Wwfr Fiftg nv«h U rri(K l H m-F Huge Mfiian ol An Supplies' Sai IQ S i Fkiiil Sates O-il,. W \ 467-2111 WWW«film ► music raiser featuring a keynote address from Sen. Buttercup, Two Hoots & a Holler, and the Mother Truckers), and buy a raffle ticket to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank. (Interested competitors can find the entry form online; bring the form, one quart of your sauce, and to the test -ll:30am.) 11am- pm.

10], states, “one can’t help but wonder if he’s living in the same time of endless war and daily tragedy that we are.” This reader cannot help but wonder if Mr.

Caligiuri listened to the CD before writing the review. SUSTAINABILITY & BICYCLE TECHNOLOGY IN GUATEMALA A presentation from Carlos Marroquim, who works with Maya Pedal to develop pedal-powered machines out of recycled bicycles.

Dear Editor, With respect to the following articles/com- ments (Aug. 9 proposed budget briefing and its staggering difference between what is proposed for Public Safety (65%) vs.

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Bikers and runners; If you don't want to deal with animals, then don't ride your damn bikes or timed runs through the small off-leash part of the park. We sacrifice so that you can con- tinue to overconsume and overproduce. at Westinghouse Rd., Exit 257 800-440-9115 MAZDA SOUTH IH-35 S. Pet Photos, Shelter Tours, Agility Demonstrations & Dog Activities. You're Invited to the COOLEST Celebration of the Summer Saturday, August 25 th - Noon to 4pm Austin Humane Society • 124 W. Aust i n Humane Soci Ad space provided by: MAZDA ■Bou Mt 17] might explain the city of Austin’s apparent non- responsiveness in relation to Mr. AUSTIN BAMBOO FESTIVAL (See Saturday.) AUSTIN REPTILE & AMPHIBIAN EXPO (See Saturday.) SPECIAL SCREENINGS (See Film Listings.) 10 MPH @ Alamo Drafthouse South, 7pm MUSIC (See Music Listings.) The Go Beerland The Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Waterloo Park Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox One World Theatre Monday GO ATELIER POTLUCK MONDAY Bring a tasty dish, and join the folks at Atelier 3-D sculpture studio for an arty good time. Clint Smith’s (letter to the editor) question [“Postmarks,” Aug. ” Is the rumor true, that in spite of the city of Austin's promise that all of the mil- lion affordable-housing bond funds would go to housing, the city of Austin nonetheless intends to create five new staff positions with part of these funds? 5 commentary (“It’s city budget time and the spinning is easy"), isn’t there an influx of chronically vacant city of Austin positions anyway? If he did, he would have encountered the track “Broken Fingers," in which Baker renders a first-person account about his mangled left hand, declaring, “Some things just don’t heal.” With 30 seconds of curi- osity - or recall - Mr. IMPROVING ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE IN TEXAS: THE NEXT STEPS The Gray Panthers sponsor this afternoon forum featuring Scott Mc Cown (Center for Public Priorities), former state legislator Ann Kitchen. The machines aid small-scale, self-sustaining projects in Guatemala.

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Caligiuri could glean from Baker's website or his first album that more than 20 years ago, Baker was on a train in Peru that exploded as the result of guerilla bombs planted above his seat. Mildred Vuris (Austin-Travis County MH- MR), and Amina Haji (Health Care for All Texans). White Label Dating is a fully developed software platform created and operated by Global Personals, one of the largest providers of dating websites in the UK.

People with mild apnea have a wider variety of options, while people with moderate-to-severe apnea should be treated with nasal continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).… continue reading »

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Besides being of any moral alignment at all, what all versions have in common is a nigh-encyclopedic knowledge of every single aspect of the rules of the system.… continue reading »

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She accused me of name-calling and all this crazy nonsense, and said that I needed to grow up and leave her man alone even though once he was in a relationship we stopped talking. Fast-forward to October 2013 and I found out she was stalking me on Twitter and I called her out on it.… continue reading »

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Also don't enable logging unless you're debugging, performace will suffer.… continue reading »

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For the power to automate everything on your phone, you need Tasker. You can automate virtually every task on your phone based on a long list of variables, from time of day to location to everything in between.… continue reading »

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Then Sue was coming, head back as she screamed her delight, and Alice finally let Jenny come, watching as she squirmed helplessly. "Thank you, Jenny, that was wonderful," Alice told her, "but I think we will leave you there in case somebody else comes along who would enjoy sampling you." Before Jenny had time to object, Alice and Sue had dressed and gone, leaving her still helpless, the vibe still tormenting her pussy.… continue reading »

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